Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Pup

quick little update...I did this for a friend's birthday. I need to catch up on my gift art backlog. The next few weeks will be super busy at work but hopefully I can get a few more done.

PS It was really great seeing everyone at CTN! I got to say hi to a lot of old friends and meet twice as many new ones. I also spent way too much money haha :(

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CTN-X & giveaway!!!

So... the CTN-Expo in Burbank is coming up really quickly, and lately all I've seen are expo posts on all the blogs. There also seem to be a lot of people doing some very cool CTN-X giveaways...which inspired me to do a giveaway of my own!

Now obviously this is very last minute so it's not going to be nearly as neat as some of the other awesome giveaways out there...but here goes.

To celebrate the arrival of CTN-X, I'll be giving away ONE HUG.  That's right, ONE HUG. Here's a preview:
You can enter to win by leaving a comment on this post.

If you win you can get your hug at the CTN expo! I've provided a map in case you have trouble finding me:
 The red dots mark where I am! I could (possibly) be at any of the locations at any given time.  
(By the way, does 'Opportunity Alley' sound kind of sketchy to anyone else...?)

Now, I know that a hug doesn't sound like to boost the credibility of my giveaway I offer some testimonials:

"OMG it was amazing!...I almost cried" -- Tiffany
"The special-effects were awesome!" -- Chester

"Wait.....What...?" -- Kevin
"MrrrrroooowwRRRRRrrrrr" -- Chaos

 There you have it! Don't wait, you still have three days to enter and WIN!

(Forgot to add: If you win the hug and cannot make it to CTN-X, you can absolutely raincheck the hug. However, the hug is not redeemable in cash (pft, like I have a million dollars just lying around. Hahaha!....I'm just kidding.)

Seriously, though...I'd love to meet people at the expo! Are you going to be there? If the answer is yes then let's find each other and say hi! :)


And the hug winner is....Aminder!!!  I will deliver your hug when I next see you! I like everyone, though, so I will be giving consolation hugs to all the people who didn't win (if they care to receive them, that is...). But I'll make them way tinier than the Winner Hug in order to validate this contest. It's only fair.

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