Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What If...

I am super excited to be participating in this year's Micro Gallery Show--titled "What If...?"--at Nucleus. Tons of amazing artists will be exhibiting delightfully tiny art, and you should definitely check out the opening on Saturday! It also opens the same night as the Jim Henson Tribute Gallery, so that's double the arty fun!

I did two pieces for the show. It was actually surprisingly hard to think of a good "what if..?" idea, and in the end I just went with "what if everyone could get along?" which of course equals a salmon tea party. They're both in watercolor, which scans notoriously poorly so sorry for the cruddy image/color quality!

My roommate Megan and I spent a couple of late nights painting, check out her awesome pieces!

Also I finally added a 'recent blogs' list so I can stop snooping on other people's lists :I

Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever since Rad and I started watching Dr. Who, I've constantly gotten the Daleks' Favorite Catchphrase--"Exterminate! Exterminaaaate!"--stuck in my head. We started thinking that maybe they could expand their vocabulary a little, and try saying some other things. Rad thought up most of these :)

You have to imagine these in that charming mechanical Dalek sound, it works better that way!

Celebraaate! Celebraaaaaaaate!!


Furminaate! Fuuuurrminaaate!!

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