Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cats and Sweaters

I randomly decided to pick up a holiday sweater for my cat. I thought it would be adorable.

 photo sadkitty_carrieliao_zps727bb4e4.gif
She did not share the sentiment :C

(don't worry, she didn't wear it for long)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hey all! This weekend is CTN-X, and I'll be exhibiting there with my friend Alice for the first time! Unfortunately, they apparently overbooked exhibitors this year and we got placed more out of the way in the tent extension. 

How do you find us, you ask? Well...if you happen to be wandering around the floor...:


So yeah! Just keep an eye on the floor and follow the trail of cronuts to our booth! Everyone wins!

But seriously, here's a map of where we are:

We'll have some sketchbooks & prints for sale! I'll also have the Childhood Heroes anthology that debuted at Tr!ckster this past summer. I'll be there for some of Fri, all of Sat, and Sunday morning.

Please stop by and say hi! Would love to meet people :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Cat in Paris

Ahh!! Poor little neglected blogspot :(
I'm going to patch this place up eventually but for now I figure I should crosspost some of the stuff I'm putting on tumblr. I feel like tumblr is good for quick updates but not long story posts, so hopefully I'll keep doing that here.

Anyway! I just recently came back from Paris and it inspired a series of doodles. There will definitely be more to come :)

Also, a friend and I will have a table at CTN-X so hope to see you guys there! We're at XT05. More info on that to come, too (soon!)

Friday, March 8, 2013

blast from the past

Here's another page from my sketchbook. I'm trying to do the one sketchbook/month thing, which is... difficult...with 120 pages to fill. I figure I can kill some of that with some inking practice--hence, random drawings of random things.

I was seriously into Pokémon when I was younger, though. I spent many a day being anti-social and obsessively playing it on my Gameboy Color. Here's a picture I drew a while back (and then forgot), but I figure it's appropriate for this post. This is a fairly accurate portrait of me in late elementary/junior high school:

If we take a closer look... 

A: I used to spend my whole day on my gameboy. I think I beat Pokémon Yellow/Pikachu edition like..15 times.
B: I had reaaaaaalllly bad skin when I was younger. And I had braces for six years.There's a whole period of my life that is completely undocumented because I refused to be in pictures. I also learned that bangs are an absolute necessity.
C: My standard outfit (year-round) was an oversize hoodie, ill-fitting mom jeans, and ugly sneakers. I boiled in the summer.
D: I had a roller backpack. There are times in your life when you have to weigh health benefits (better posture?) against coolness. Choose coolness.
E: My socks showed, guys. It was not good.

 I'm so glad that time is over.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

sketchy wonder woman!

Some Wonder Women! (woman's? wimmins?). I'm trying to do more personal art/get more pencil mileage in, and so far I'm kind of liking late-night art sessions! :)

Also, as a reward for myself for powering through three crazy weeks I went to Swain's and gorged on art supplies. I've been hearing so many good things about Chartpak markers that I ended up buying a couple sets, and I already love 'em! They're notoriously stinky, though...unfortunately no one told me about the slight time-delay before the odor really hits you....

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