Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hey all! This weekend is CTN-X, and I'll be exhibiting there with my friend Alice for the first time! Unfortunately, they apparently overbooked exhibitors this year and we got placed more out of the way in the tent extension. 

How do you find us, you ask? Well...if you happen to be wandering around the floor...:


So yeah! Just keep an eye on the floor and follow the trail of cronuts to our booth! Everyone wins!

But seriously, here's a map of where we are:

We'll have some sketchbooks & prints for sale! I'll also have the Childhood Heroes anthology that debuted at Tr!ckster this past summer. I'll be there for some of Fri, all of Sat, and Sunday morning.

Please stop by and say hi! Would love to meet people :)


tek! said...

I'd book a flight to the US just for those Cronuts! Get in mah belly!
Lovely boards as always and have fun at CTNx

Robert Perrett said...

Hi Carrie, It was great to see you and Alice have a booth at CTN! I tried a Cronut for the first time in Santa Monica at the Rockenwagner Cafe working at AFM, they are so yummy.

James Bourne said...

Well the donuts didn't lure me to you two, but your sketchbooks sure did!!! Thanks so much by the way for looking at my portfolio. Much appreciated.

maymay said...

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