Monday, February 4, 2008

A few sketchbook pages



corinne said...

Awesome drawings like usual :D . I'm especially liking the Victorian piglets X3 .

Mike Nassar said...

haha. i love the pony on the top page! I'm sorry. THE MIGHTY PONY!

sweet pigs too. great shapes and really appealing simplifications in the design. totally has an awesome pen ink children's book feel. like Winne the Pooh stuff, quentin blake stuff, but with a bit more structure in the designs.

great stuff. keep on postin!

BrandoAbba said...

THese are great! The Pony one is amazing! As well as the smokin chick. smokin as in she is smoking not "Hot"...ok I think I'm just diggin the hole deeper....Great stuff today in class to. I really liked the rooster really nice gesture

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