Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 Page Comic

Here's my final project for sequential art. The assignment was for a 3-page comic, but alas I couldn't fit my story into so few pages. It's probably not very understandable, since it's like a fragment instead of a sentence. Hopefully the last page will clarify things a little. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it, but it was fun... I'm not quite satisfied with the first two pages. Feedback, please! if you care to give it (:


Mike Nassar said...

your line work, appeal, and compositions are so good in these! I reallllyyy dig this work. great stuff.
on second read there were some clarity issues for me. The girl was adding things to get collection, but the last panel was all breif cases and boots? Maybe i'm not reading into it enough or just tired, but it didn't hit home for me. Also, the third panel introduces some other dude talking to her dad or something. but the way it's composed makes things a bit unclear (the girl is directly in the dad's silhouette, and the other dude is evenly spaced in the panel with her father.)

visually the last panel blew me away, i think you have so much control over the composition and values over all the piles fading into the distance. Also, taking a whole page for the read was real nice.

anywho, amazing update. keep posting cool stuff and I hope your semester went smoothly.

jen bergan said...

wow carrie, this looks amazing!! the story is a little disjoint though, if you hadn't told me what it was i would be really confused. but, your line work and compositions are stunning. i really hope you flush this out more.

willy said...

Yes! finally can see your comic. Some how I didn't see it in class. Anyway, looks very nice. I love the last page.

Carrie Liao said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone!

@ mike:
Thanks for the kind words, it's really encouraging, coming from you. I suppose that the story might be clearer if I finished the last two pages, but I can definitely see the flaws in my storytelling after looking closer. And yea, silhouette issues in that third panel. Semester went great (hopefully) but I'm glad it's done! (:

@ jen:
haha yea I need to work on the storyyy...I feel like it could be stronger, but I haven't worked out how to tell it. blegggh

@ willy:
haha I wasn't ummmm very far along with it when we were showing stuff in class, so I didn't have it out. Thanks for the comment!

BrandoAbba said...

You really do have beautiful line work and characters. Great job! I wanna see more .... plus your talking pigs.....just a thought.. but maybe a demand? :)

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