Friday, September 19, 2008


progress? I'm working in oC, and after I opened it in photoshop I realized that there was a major lack of contrast. bad color choices that I didn't notice while working. ah well.

I still don't like her face!


may said...

...Why don't you like her face? She looks pretty for me and I think this image is on the right track so keep going:)I do want to see it done, if you have time:)

Mike Nassar said...

this is awesome.
Face has some strangeness to it. I think that's in the eyes wrapping back into space. Where on most faces the front of the face is relatively flat and should be treated more cube-like than triangle like. These eyes wrap back on the form like there is a strong plane change in the middle of the head, down the nose.

But this ain't a hard rule. and for this I think it looks cool, is appropriate, and adds to her snakeness. The sharp triangulated head gives her more snakiness. You can flatten it and try it. Or just lessen it by drawing a straight line through the back-eye and bringing the front eye more in line. or leave it alone and keep her sharpness all-together.

anywho. I dig. Open canvas rules. Any chance of you posting the playback file (wpd? i think?)

awesomeness as per usual!

jen bergan said...

i'm liking it! don't give up!

what problems do you think you are having with your color choices? the skin and the background?

Carrie Liao said...

@ may: haha I don't know! Something just seems off about it. Thanks for the comment!

@ mike: Yea, I didn't really think through the facial planes when I started this, but I think that might be the reason why I dislike it (the nose in particular). Everything's a little bit off.
Thanks for the feedback! :) I'll def try it and see if it looks better. I totally forgot to export the playback file though, and it's openCanvas v. 1 so I'm not sure I can retrieve it.

@ jen: I think the problem with the color is due to the way oC works...I started with grey tones and added color on top, so I think the program mixes colors with the grey, instead of going on top. It just looks too flat to me, more contrast.

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