Thursday, November 13, 2008


Finally finished my portfolio in time for a Dreamworks Studio visit tomorrow yessss
(please ignore the awkward face, too tired to pose convincingly)
I might put it up in its entirety but here's a sample:

My faith in Kinko's is somewhat restored! The poor employee was very kind, even after having to reprint my pages twice.

also, I came home to find this! waiting for me:

this is a very Dreamworks-y week.

Art of Kung-Fu Panda + I finally get to sleep?? I LIKE IT.


Catherine J. Cruz said...

congratulations! sleep is good!

jen bergan said...

yay!!!! i want to see more of your portfolio!

my art of kung fu panda book came this week too :)

willy said...

That monster is so cool. I like the ears.

KiJeon Nam said...

I like the monsters, too. My favorite is the one on the top-left. I could imagine glowing, smoky blue eyes in the sockets. =)

Carrie Liao said...

guh so bad at replying ):

thanks for the comments, guys (:

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