Friday, December 5, 2008

More Illos

This is probably as finished as it'll get:

...and I kind of got sick of this one and just gave up on it:

haaha can you tell?? Got a little too texture-happy.

It's finals! There's no time!

oh, yes...any feedback/crits would be appreciated!


BrandoAbba said...

well well well I like em both! I really like the idea and subject manner. I do feel that on the second one the boy could have stronger warmer highlights to push him forward. just by erasing some of the texure layed over the boy. but very vera cute stuff, you made me enjoy monsters again

Courtney Breau said...

I love the second one.

willy said...

I noticed the bottles are more shine. And is that a huge sea lion?

Mike Nassar said...

ohhhh, i don't remember seeing this post. such a majestic creature, I hope he'll survive the textures.

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