Friday, October 23, 2009

Watch while you work

I've been watching:

while I draw. Whenever I watch it, I'm always amazed at how beautiful and diverse our planet really is...they show some really stunning things on camera, but this guy was definitely my favorite.

As nice as it is to just sit and draw, after a few a few hours I start to feel ...heavier. I feel like all my weight is sinking down and pulling me into the couch.

and I'm sure eventually...

I feel this is a legitimate concern. Art is such a sedentary activity.

Also watched Where the Wild Things Are this week. It had nice cinematography. I liked the look. I liked the kid. Yup.


Mike Nassar said...

that last page has some great gestures in it. but yeah, I was watching planet earth a ton too, about 2 months ago, and kept falling deep into my couch too. so yeah, just to confirm, the couch will ultimately try and swallow you whole like the sand worm in return of the jedi.

Salim Ramirez said...

the girl being eaten by the couch is really funny! cafe-sketching definately makes me feel like that = after high amounts of caffein and sketching

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