Saturday, July 3, 2010


...that turned out to be a really long detour. Two months...I think that's the longest I've gone without posting.


I graduated!

yes. a monumental event.

After graduation, I felt pretty good about life. Who knew what the future would hold? I was on the path to GREATNESS. I would cure cancer! I would fix the BP oil spill! Anything was possible!!



First signs of life. I decided to take on some responsibility in my life and I adopted a basil plant (can't risk the goldfish, yet. baby steps!). Started cooking more. Thought maybe it'd be a good idea to draw.

I remembered I had a blog.

so yea, not much. I've mostly been really really lazy. BUT I have made significant progress toward employment, so I am absolutely using that to justify my laziness. My last summer vacation.

oh and here is a picture of my plant:

yes I did take a picture with it.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... that sounds like me... Although by mid-July I was eyes deep in corporate blah. I sold out. Haha.

My basil plant got attacked by the bugs and the infestation never subsided so... I got a cat. Then I figured that cat would be lonely all by himself so I got another cat. But now the first cat is at the vet today cuz he's infected. Boo.

Mike Nassar said...

awesome. finally, an update hmm. Drawings and food stories! sweet! I love it.

I love the sad teddy bear in early June. and I think I have the same pattern on my comforter....uhhhh..

cool basil plant. you both look very happy.

Maha said...

Haha, your slice of life drawings make me giggle. That's a healthy lookin' Basil plant you got there!

EricWu said...

haha love the expressions, I like your total honesty about laziness. It takes guts to admit that, but then again it's well earned laziness.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Haha, awesome drawings! I love the crabby old lady with the walker. It's like she's photobombing, but in a drawing :)

Carrie Liao said...

hehe thanks guys!

everyone should be lazy!

Justin Ridge said...

Hooray for Laziness!! Woohooo!!

Funny drawings btw!

Mike Nassar said...

ohh random. Nice blog theme update. very clean and lady-like.

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