Wednesday, July 20, 2011

05 witchy

I stopped liking this one halfway through and kind of gave up on it, but here it is anyway. eeeehhh.

I think "eating fingers" is in the official Witch Job Description.

PS. shoutout to kyle and beth, my boot-color designers :P


lauren carney said...

hah your cheeky drawings are all kinds of delightful.
this one made me smile big time!
keep up the fantastical work x

Rico Jackson said...

Aww what made you give up? I like it! Good shaping and all. ps how did you get those crispy edges? Or is it a top secret tech? That I have to go to some ancient school of some sort to learn haha Cause that would be AWESOME

Carrie Liao said...

@ Lauren: Aw, thanks so much! :)

@ Rico: Something just didn't feel right! But thanks! For those crispy edges, just go into the Brushes panel in photoshop and play around with the angle jitter. I DID start with a textured brush I got from a co-worker, but if you play around with those Brushes settings I'm sure you can get some neat edges :)

Rico Jackson said...

mhm mhm yes yes ok *taking copious notes* Thanks! I shall try and replicate this effect. THANKS SO MUCH! Your awesome =] also, THANKS FOR THE COMMENT ON MY BLOG! I almost turned into a rainbow when I saw it.

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