Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever since Rad and I started watching Dr. Who, I've constantly gotten the Daleks' Favorite Catchphrase--"Exterminate! Exterminaaaate!"--stuck in my head. We started thinking that maybe they could expand their vocabulary a little, and try saying some other things. Rad thought up most of these :)

You have to imagine these in that charming mechanical Dalek sound, it works better that way!

Celebraaate! Celebraaaaaaaate!!


Furminaate! Fuuuurrminaaate!!


DebRiver said...

Best post ever!!

James Lien said...

hehe good one

Sarah Diekmann said...

These are adorable, Daleks always make me smile.

Michael said...

Wonderful! Dalek petting a cat... beyond awesome.

Kyrstin said...

haha, "PLAYA HAAATE" is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

YESSS! A new post! My whole week just got better. :)

And when I'm done with finals I'm gonna watch Doctor Who.

Chris Ybarra said...

Caffeinate.... definitely something all artists could use : )

Hanna said...


mahu said...

Percolate... Fabulous. *O*

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Haha yay!

Gabriel Lin said...

awesome! very funny

Carrie Liao said...

@Deb: Yay!! hehe :)

@James: Thanks! :D

@Sarah: haha I know they just look so silly...but deadly. Thank you!

@Mike: Haha they're just big ol' softies. Thank you! :D

@Kyrstin: I know, Rad is brilliant. Thanks :)

@Anon: THANKS ANON! Good luck on finals! :)

@Chris: I know, right. I really needed that these past few weeks 9_9

@Hanna: love back <3

@Mahu: Thanks so much :) :)

@Megs: Calibrate! Calibraaate!

@Gabriel: Thanks so much!

Nikhita said...

Haha! Hilarious!

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