Thursday, March 6, 2008


I guess I'm trying to be more consistent in these art exercises...the second exercise in 3 days, that's practically a record for me. really trying to improve.

Some more painter practice....this one took way too long (look! I even made a note of how it took Way Too Long) It took me 2 -3 hours, though I was randomly distracted by Project Runway and the Food Network.

Decided to try waves/water today:

could definitely use some work, but I'm pretty satisfied for an exercise.

I want to do more texture practice, but I also have a sketchbook project in mind....we'll see.



corinne said...

I still think that you captured the feeling of a ocean texture really well. Looking at your stuff motivates me to do more skies and textures of my own ^_^ .

Mike Nassar said...

2nd exercise in 3 days! go Carrie GO!!!
came out great. texture work is awesome for learning a new tool, you're doing "swimmingly".
can't wait to see more posts? any drawings related to food or food network in mind?

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