Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Dump!

Run and hide!'s another edition of Old, OLD art (:

besides mazes and board games, I also used to like drawing outrageous treehouses. totally impractical dream dwellings that had game rooms, tv rooms and an ample food storage. I actually named them, too!:

The Eye House (...natch)

I think this one was the Dog House

The Security House o_o

hahhaaa yea right.

I have so much old art stored away because I thought that when teachers said "don't throw anything away!" there was actually a good reason for it. Of course now I know that potential employers would definitely not want to see my 6 year old scribblings, but it's still fun to look back.

I see this as proof of the saying that art is 10% talent 90% practice (or something like that).

6 yrs. present

horses. seriously the most difficult thing to draw when you're a kid. their back legs had me stumped for the longest time.

and to make up for all of that:

and a bunnie!

Gone for the weekend!


Courtney Breau said...

That is some seriously awesome 6-year-old artwork. You have inspired me to post my own.

may said...

...How did you come up with those idea...? genius...:)

Carrie Liao said...

Courtney: Looking at old artwork is the best haha. Looking forward to seeing your's (:

May: haha thanks! I was clearly bored and with an overactive imagination ._.

Anonymous said...

i like how the dog house has a museum and a learning center...haha


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