Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inferiority Complex

Yet another in-progress illustration. Non-homework-y stuff is fun!

bird refs
photoshop so far, but I'll probably finish it up in oC


some of the colors are off and I'm not quite finished, but if you have any feedback/crits I'd really appreciate it! I'm also wondering if the brown dress girl's expression is too unclear....


jen bergan said...

that's some cool stuff carrie!

keep it up :)

Courtney Breau said...

those designs are beautiful, and they really convey the birds theyre based off of.

BrandoAbba said...

Yeah these are wonderful designs! I was looking over your shoulder at them in class. I really like the ref idea with the birds And I might wanna try out that program. I not quit sure what the facial expression is trying to convey, Bitter? worried? mad? jealously? maybe a mix up of all but none the less I love your character designs. (clap clap clap ) job well done

KiJeon Nam said...

Whoa, these are nice! That's an interesting concept, referencing birds for designs. The style feels almost Disney for me. =P I guess one thing I'm curious about is if this is supposed to be telling a story, in which case, I'm also wondering what emotion that girl on the left is supposed to be conveying. But other than that, it's coming along really great. Keep up the great work! =)

BTW, what are those dots and arrows supposed to be?

Marina said...

Que divertido tmoar la inspiración de los pajáros!
Un saludo,

Carrie Liao said...

thanks everyone! (:

@ brandon:I think the expression i was going for was abashed/mortified...

@ ki: the idea is just that she's mortified because she's shown up by the 'flashier' girls (aka birds)

the dot on the left was color reference for using the eyedropper and the one on the right is my "light source" indication :P

willy said...

Dresses are beautiful, girls are hot. Nice job on conveying the feeling of the original animals.

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