Sunday, October 5, 2008


any crits? it doesn't look quite right to me =/

blue col-erase desat in photoshop


BrandoAbba said...

OHHHHHH yeah ! Great Jorb! I wanna see this one tomorrow in class. I really like the design and overall feel to the piece, I feel like the girl in the boat could be more of a focal point by slightly shifting the value around her head lighter and putting stronger darker lines on her to pop the figure, I wanna see this colored !

jen bergan said...

i really like it. especially your trees.

some things to maybe think about though:
is the monster hiding in the forest peering out or does the girl know he is there? she feels really isolated because there isn't anything around her and you have all this other stuff going on the the background, and she isn't acknowledging the presence of the monster. i think it would be neat to just take out the mountain range in the distance and just have the forest fade back. you might want to lighten the value of the monster so it fades into it's surroundings, and put a little more contrast into the girl and her boat.

lastly, i think the reflections in the water are probably what's making it look off to you. right now, it looks like the trees at sitting on a mirror surface. i suggest you do some research on how reflections work in this kind of situation. (in high school i copied a photo of some ducks on a log in a lake and the reflection they cast in the water was strikingly different)

anyways, hope that helps.
and, yes, color it! :)

Charles said...

I think this drawing is cool, it reminds me of Kazu's stuff.
I see a tangent where the branch meets the monster's armpit.
And I think a foreground element could be added

Carrie Liao said...

sorry for the belated response...thanks for the comments guys, I'm definitely going to try some of this stuff out (:

the doodlers said...

Great image. Mystical n' all....

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