Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Go watch Up!

I thought it was sweet and lovely and it had me crying in the first 15 minutes. I do think I like the parts more than the sum of the parts, though. There were some little things that bugged me (the "dogfighters" really made the whole thing very surreal), but it was a very enjoyable experience.


EricWu said...

well isn't the whole film surreal? I mean he's dragging a floating house with a waterhose.

Anyways, love the drawing! Dug is awesome.

Carrie Liao said...

yea....but I'd already made peace with that idea, and then they come along with airplane-flying dogs?? They're asking a little much....

Thanks! :)

may said...

The movie is very very sad and sweet at the same time... I hate the cone of shame haha:)
Anyway, cute drawing:)

willy said...

Nice drawing. How long dose it take you?
I heard it makes a grown man cry.
Did you guys cry?

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