Tuesday, June 30, 2009

zoo drawing and such

Finally got to go to the LA Zoo for some drawing. Thank goodness it was the day before the summer heat really hit, the animals were still pretty active. Didn't get the ibexes, though C:

saw pandas, too.


Mike Nassar said...

hahaa. nice touch with the pandas. sweet zoo stuff! BTW flamingos stink. I bet that green color you drew was representative of their poops! cool drawing, but disgusting animals.

Jennifer said...

No ibexes? For shame.

Maha said...

Sweet zoo drawings, I love the breezy feeling of your pen drawings!

Carrie Liao said...

thanks y'aaaaaaall

@ Mike: They really do! The nesting area was even worse...cute babies, but muck all over the place

@ Jen: *hangs head*

Megan said...

Very nice drawings Carrie! The page that appear to have been drawn with brush pen and marker (the boar/camel/lion/zebra page) is very, very nice. I live near the zoo now, we should all go sketching one of these weekends. :)

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