Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh, the beautiful sea

I went to the beach a few weeks ago, and I certainly saw some interesting things. I enjoyed the Majestic Ocean, the pounding surf, the lovely shoreline, and of course, the people:

Now, I believe that the beach is one place where people should be free. Eat everything! Wear whatever you want (...though please wear something)! There is No Judgment at the beach. This seems to be a universally held sentiment, so you usually see some unusual sights.

...but it was this stunning creature that caught my eye that day:

She had applied the makeup gun generously, and was fully decked out in a gold lamé bikini and extremely strappy shoes (they might have been platforms, the sand hides things well)

It wasn't really her looks that got the attention, though (okay, that was part of it)--she was clearly having a very good time at the beach. She would prance around joyously, pausing once in a while to bend over or pose for no particular reason

She also liked to showcase her dancing. Pole-grabbing and gyrating were a large part of her repertoire.

She was clearly a fun-loving, friendly young woman.

Very friendly.

Most people seemed to take her in stride, though at SOME point she might have sent the wrong message, because someone stuck a dollar bill into her bikini bottom.

She seemed to really enjoy that.


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Hahaha! Awesome post. I love the, err..."beach goddess."

Mike Nassar said...

lolz. such an awesome post!
(the top 2 drawings rule, and the last 3 are hilarious). but yeah, sweet post!

it's as can read the hearts and minds of these ex-strippers-vacationing-at-the-beach-to-still-see-if-they-still-got-it, so perfectly.

seriously though. awesome post!

Ivan Mendoza said...

some good stuff... :)

Maha said...

These are really fun Carrie. I'm glad you finally shared with us what you saw that day.

Carrie Liao said...

thanks, guys!

@mike: You know, I thought she was just some really energetic, excitable woman, but apparently all of my friends DID think she was an ex-stripper (or some *ahem* paid person). Who knows?

Jenn Hoff said...

Hahahaha!!! :)

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