Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween!

I've been at Nickelodeon for a few months, and honestly it's the best place I've ever worked (okay, the bakery was a pretty close second. how can you argue with free baked goods every day?!). One of the perks is that they take Halloween very seriously (though that seems to be the norm with all studios?), so they always throw a fantastic party. So...for the first time in many years Halloween did, indeed, feel Halloween-y. Cheers!

To legitimize this post, here is some kinda-halloweeny art:

I got a little frustrated with it, so it's pretty much urggghh/unfinished but whatever. Need more painting practice :( It was nice using oC again, such a fun program. Anyway, after I gave up on it:



Mike Nassar said...

so cool. nice color transition stuff around the eyes and neck. good to see an update :)

bottom painting reminds me of some super creepy demon scenes from that al pacino movie where he plays the devil and advocates stuff.

and it even animates in your browser when you push the page-up/page-down buttons on the keyboard!

you paint these 'fast' in Oc?

cool paintings :D keep updating!!!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Very nice! I really like her spiderweb hair.

I've never used open canvas do you like it compared to PS and Painter?

Chris Ybarra said...

I think the last image legitimately creeped me out, awesome job!

Jack Foster said...

Wow! Great one Carrie! You got me!!!

Tim Robinson said...

These are great!

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