Thursday, February 9, 2012

a couple of paintings!

I did a couple of pieces for the Pencil Mileage Club's student/alumni gallery. The show opens tomorrow night at CSU Fullerton, everyone is welcome! :)

I always thought some of the collective names for animal groups were rather odd and cute, so I decided to take them literally. I'm sure this has been done before, but it was fun for little paintings.

both are watercolor...i need to practice more :(

in frames

sketch and color exploration

See you there! (traffic permitting...D:)


Alice Marie said...

CROCS :D (so cute!)

Gillibean said...

I want a nest of crocodiles! Thyed be so little and weak compare to me!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Super cute!

IAN ABANDO said...

wow these are super awesome!! that pod of whales would be an intense site to see in person im sure.. :)


James Lien said...

Awesome! So sugoi

Kendra Melton said...

haha, i see what you did there ;] great idea and cute!

JasmineTanner said...

Oh I saw these there!! I love 'em! I'm a sucker for puns and such so your use of words and pictures of course had me head over feet for such adroableness! <3

Carrie Liao said...

@Alice: Yay crocs! hehe

@Gillian: Haha yeah, if they were all so small and harmless I would want some too :)

@Megs: Thanks!

@Ian: Thanks duuude. Haha I was thinking more of a tiny pod of whales but maybe it's actually are large pod to fit life-size whales...frightening...

@James: Thanks! :D

@Kendra: haha thank you...I wanted to get to a Murder of Crows, but no time :P

@Jasmine: Aw, yay! Thanks so much :)

Christina M. said...

Wow, how kool, you showed your work in progress :D

Pod of whales is my favorite from the show!! Thanks for the contribution and especially the plug hehe

Kevin Lam said...

Pencil Mileage Club? That awesome art club at cal state Fullerton? Home to some of the most amazing artist in the SoCal area? I hear many great things about it.

Thanks for the pieces! Good seeing you there :)

Unknown said...


i want a pod of whales.

peas will forever disappoint me now

tunamunaluna said...

ah those are super cute! cool blog, how didn't i see this before?!

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