Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Face Bag...and some other stuff

This week, during a KFP coffee run, this caught my eye:

Except it was not drawn. I can't use picture of actual children off the internet (I'm not that mean), but was a handbag with a photo of children on it. And not a particularly cute photo, either. It was one of those 80's-ish posed photos with children that looked like they just came out of the corn.

I don't know if they were her children, but I hope so. If they weren't her children that would somehow, miraculously, make it even creepier. 

After I pointed it out to Aaron, he suggested that they start putting pictures of children on other clothing items--"Like those Juicy sweatpants. Except instead of the word 'juicy', there's a picture of kids" 
In other not-so-exciting news, I finally caved and got a tumblr:

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted one, but everyone kept saying how effective it is at sharing stuff/art...might as well! I always have random doodles that I feel aren't worth posting here, and I figure I can throw them up there. I still prefer blogger for stories/finished art, but I guess tumblr can be a true art-dump :)

gif I made for my 'first post'



Stéphane Kardos said...

Great! I'm off to your Tumblr :)

Karina McBeth said...

Awesome! :D Just started following your tumblr :)

ETHAN said...


Artemisio said...

yesss i'm looking forward to have my dashboard spammed with your lovely gifs! *__*

Petra van Berkum said...

oh gawd I find photos on clothes and accessoires very awkward and weird XD.
And nice you got Tumblr, see you there!

Nikhita said...

so cute! hahaha.. I like the fact that you've clarified that that was not Aaron! :D

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