Monday, November 26, 2007

She is fond of eating her young!

nothing much to show for fall break ): I have been very unproductive, and now it's crunchtime for final projects. Aaaggh.

Here are some progress shots of my final illustration project.
The assignment was to illustrate a Shel Silverstein (?) poem.

mine was the White-Breasted Murd...


Megan said...

Art dump indeed. You've got beautiful stuff here! I can't say I've seen a bad drawing from you yet. Anyways, isn't painter awesome?? I certainly hope you're planning to take Illustration C (with Cliff)'ll love it. Anyways, if you have time during the break, we should hang out.

Mike Nassar said...

when are we gonna see the finished show piece? you want some rich fat man to buy it don't you?

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